Landscape Design

From redesigning your whole yard to finding the perfect spot for your vegetable garden,
I can help you plan out your landscape.  I want you to love your outdoor space.

How it works

Free Consultation

Send me details about your project and schedule an initial on-site consultation free of charge.  After the on-site consultation, you’ll receive estimates for design fees and a timeline.  If everything sounds good to you and you’re ready to move forward, we sign an agreement and start the design process.

Design Stage

During the design stage, I make two design sketches and send them to you via email with a detailed list of the plants that are included.  We also have a virtual meeting to go over the sketches together so you can ask questions and give me your feedback. Then, I integrate your feedback to finalize the design.  You will receive digital copies and two large prints of the design to help you get quotes from landscape installation services.


I do not currently offer full-service installation, but I can help you identify where to purchase plants and who to hire for landscape installation.


Trinity Park, Durham

From a swampy, overgrown mess to a safe haven for play and a gardener's paradise,
this project showcases the transformative power of having a thoughtful design for your landscape.

More coming soon!

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