About Allison

When I was a young child, I accidentally broke off a large branch of a jade bush that grew in my grandmother's front yard.  Embarrassed, I dug a hole and planted the branch in the hope that my grandma would not notice what I had done.  Much to my surprise, the branch never died and instead turned into a new bush that flourished for many years.  So began my plant propagation journey. (Grandma never knew until I confessed the story years later.)

My goal in opening a backyard nursery and landscape design firm is twofold.  First, I want to bring joy to others through plants.  Some might revel in the smell of tomato leaves and eating a sweet cherry tomato warm, right off the vine.  Others might wish to indulge by having a living bouquet at their desk.  Or perhaps you need help designing your yard to find the perfect spot for that Japanese Maple you've always wanted.  Whatever your fix, I'd love to help!

My second goal is more pragmatic: I want to turn my gardening addiction into something self-sustaining rather than a source of both deficit spending in my personal budget and deficit space in my house.  Basically, I have a hard time throwing away plant cuttings if I can propagate them.  And I always start far more seedlings than I need every spring.  And somehow I can't manage to pass by a new variety of houseplant when I see them...  So you see, I have a problem.  Be a good enabler, won't you, and buy some things from my nursery shop? 

This is a new adventure for me and everything is in the "feasibility testing" phase. At this point, I am focused on enjoying the process and helping friends and family. You are welcome along on the journey!